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Loss. Failure. Disappointment.

Experiences no one wants but if you take risks in life, you are bound to encounter them. My startup failed. Miserably. I wanted to beat LinkedIn. The company Microsoft recently acquired for $26 billion. My marriage of 21 years. That survived two dozen moves, the loss of our son, the construction of not one but two custom homes and up and downs along the way, ended.
From those experiences I created Startupfailires – the place for bouncing back, Graham’s Foundation – support, advocacy and research for premature babies and Anundabra – a new paradigm for adult relationships.
Life’s not about what happened yesterday or what might happen in the future, it is about relating powerfully with what is, in the moment.
What would be possible for you in your life if you could let go of yesterday, not worry about tomorrow and simply feel the moment?


I am a_


I actively seek opportunities to connect with people. It feeds my being. I enjoy discovering people’s purpose and passions, dreams, challenges and frustrations, introducing them to people I know that can forward their ambitions and help find ways to reframe their challenges to move forward powerfully in their lives.

Crisis Converter

It is well known that disappointments, failures, breakdowns and loss provide us with our greatest opportunity for growth and development. However, it is one thing to intellectually understand, it is quite another to actually work through it. Failures and loss are not personal to me, we all go through them, and by sharing what opens up for me, others’ see possibilities for their life, too.


The older I get, the more related I am to my artist persona. For me, the more I let go of material trappings, the more that the artist within me emerges. I enjoy writing sing-song poetry, both short and long form and in some instances, turn my poems into songs that I write, perform and record.

My Skills_

These are some of my skills and abilities that I enjoy sharing with others, personally and professionally

Relationship Development and Management
Whether it is people, places or things, my attention and actions tends to be non-linear and as a result, I have an ability to connect the dots, between ideas and people, to help keep dreams, goals and ambitions in motion.
I am constantly generating new ideas…I can't turn it off. They just come to me, out of thin air and in reaction to what I see, feel or conversations I engage in. I’ve learned that ideas are cheap if they remain as ideas, so I enjoy the challenge of moving ideas, whether my own, or others through the discussions and actions necessary to validate their potential value in the world.
New Possibilities
Rarely are our expectations met. We can be left disappointed and stuck. I have developed an ability to create opportunities for new, inspired actions where others might feel stuck.
We all have invisible boundaries that stop us from being all that we can be. I do, too. I can sense them in others and am willing to confront them with ruthless compassion, offering opportunities, either in thought, feelings or action, to move through them powerfully.

My Projects_

Current and recent projects

My Interests_

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